PAC Registrars

Frequently Ask Questions

You can determine the number of shares you hold by adding up all your share certificates and holdings in CSCS, referring to your recent dividend warrant, or by contacting PAC Registrars.

A: Download our change of address form and fill.
B: Kindly come to our office with the following documents.
  • Filled change of address form
  • Marriage certificate (original for sighting)
  • Newspaper publication.
  • Sworn affidavit
  • Banker’s confirmation of signature.
  • Letter of request.
  • Valid means of identification
  • Old documents in both names.
Kindly come to our office with the following documents for the transmission of shares.
  • Letters of administration
  • Death certificate
  • Newspaper publication.
  • Newspaper publication/Gazette
  • Valid means of identification
  • Physical sighting of the administrators.
  • Banker’s confirmation of signature.
Kindly contact your stockbroker for full dematerialization of your shareholdings into your CSCS account.
As soon as the court and bank confirm the documents appropriately.
Dividend warrants are currently valid for six months from the date of payment. After this time, you should return any uncashed warrant to PAC Registrars for revalidation free of charge.
Please contact the Registrar immediately either in writing or in person.

Dividends are payments out of operating profits by a company to shareholders and are paid net of withholding tax (Currently 10%). It may be paid once a year (final dividend) or twice a year (interim & final dividend). We have however, seen cases when dividend is paid three times. (1st Interim, 2nd Interim & Final).

Shareholders have the right to receive dividends (if payable), to receive key company information (such as Annual Reports /Accounts), to attend Annual General Meetings or Extra-ordinary General Meetings and to Vote and be voted for on certain affairs of the company.
If you lose your dividend warrant you should contact PAC Registrars as soon as possible, confirming where payment has been lost. We will arrange for the warrant to be stopped and issue you with a duplicate free of charge. However, upon recovery you are expected to return the original one to the Registrar.

Prior to announcing year-end results of companies, dates are set out for the Closure of Register of members for the purpose of payment of dividend and issue of scrip popularly known as ‘Bonus’. These dates will determine the qualification for dividends and scrips. Hence, “cum div” or “cum scrip” means purchases before the Closure of Register will be entitled to all the benefits payable on the investment while “ex div” or “ex scrip”means purchases made after the entitlements were declared. Conversely, if you sell your shares before the Closure of Register, you sold so to say “cum div” and “cum scrip” and hence you will not enjoy the dividend or scrip to be issued at the coming AGM. The reverse is the case when you sell your share “Ex div” and Ex Scrip”.