PAC Registrars



The product is designed for shareholders convenience. It grants real time access to your investments and personal information.

Dematerialization Form

Full dematerialization of your shareholdings into your CSCS account.

Change of Address Form

This form allows you to notify PAC Registrars of any change of your
address so that it could be updated for future correspondence.

E-Dividend Form (EDMMS)

This is the direct payment of dividend warrants into the shareholders bank account. With e-Dividend, physical dividend warrants are not sent to the shareholders. The service is available to all shareholders FREE of charge. Enable Stockbrokers to upload Stock for Verification to us online.


  • It is safe and convenient.
  • It saves time and resources.
  • Shareholders are informed through our e-notification platform.


  • Pick up a copy of the activation form from at our office or download a copy from
  • Form must be duly signed and stamped by the bank into which payments are to be made
  • Duly completed forms are to be returned to: The Registrar, PAC Registrars Limited, 122 Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos.