PAC Registrars

Data Register Maintenance

Core Share Registration services include:

  • Maintenance of client companies Register of Shareholders which includes change of addresses, Bank mandate, Probate or Letters of administration, Change of names etc.
  • Payment of dividend warrants/interest to shareholders/bondholders respectively.
  • Registration of share transfers.
  • Issuing of share certificates.
  • Distribution of annual reports and accounts.
  • Registrar to Offer Services
  • Security Data Consultancy Services
  • Debenture Stock Data Management
  • Government Bond Issue Registrars/ Data Management
  • Organizing and officiating at AGMs/EGMs.
  • New issues, Rights issues, Private placements, Mergers and Acquisition.
  • Verification of Shareholders/bondholders signature
  • Liaising with CSCS to update the register of shareholders/ Registration of share transfers.
  • Production and filling of statutory reports with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Primary Market Activities – new issue/offer for sale (IPO)/Rights issue/private placements
  • Rendering statutory reports to NSE and SEC on behalf of client companies
  • Settlement Services for foreign denominated securities etc.